Kneel: Stories of lesbian submission available for pre-order.

The front cover of Kneel. Kneel is written at the top of the page with “stories of lesbian submission” written underneath. There’s a photo of two women, one is standing over the other with a chain in her hand connected to the second woman’s collar.

On 30 September 2019 I will be releasing a book of short stories. Kneel: Stories of lesbian submission features three short erotic romance stories.

Content Warnings

Kneel is a book of erotic lesbian fiction and contains graphic descriptions of BDSM including S&M, spanking, foot worship, bondage, and discipline. Mistress includes a scene where the autistic character is asked to make eye contact. There are scenes in both Mistress and Secretly Submissive where the characters drink alcohol and there are scenes where characters eat in Mistress.


In Mistress (previously published in anthology Summer Love) Danielle, an autistic submissive from the UK, runs into a Domme from back home while on holiday in Spain.

In Secretly Submissive (previously published in anthology From Top to Bottom) Lily has a secret: she’s submissive and she wants her best friend Vanessa to be her Domme.

In Desk Job Zoe gets more than she bargained for when she disobeys her boss.

Available for pre-order now:

Kneel: Stories of lesbian submission 

Review: Room For Three? by Katrina Jackson

(Blurb taken from amazon)
When Precious rents Cali and Mike’s spare bedroom she’s in the middle of a housing crisis and feeling betrayed by her best friend.

When Mike and Cali rent their spare room to Precious, their relationship is hanging on by a thread.

None of them expect anything more from their roommate situation than cheap rent in a prime location. So they’re all surprised to find a deep well of affection and lust that makes them think that maybe their perfect relationship, and bed, has room for three.

Room for Three? is the first in a new series of erotic novellas about sexy entanglements behind closed doors.

My favourite grouping in romance novels is two women and a man so when someone recommended Katrina Jackson’s books to me and I found out that some of her novels are f/f/m I couldn’t wait to read them. This book did not disappoint and I couldn’t put it down.

This book was everything that I love in a romance novel. It had a good dose of angst, extremely hot sex scenes and, of course, a happy ending. The relationship between them was so sweet and romantic at times but then equally hot (and still romantic). I read a lot of romance novels and generally I enjoy them and then move on but this one really stayed with me and I think the reason why was that the characters were just so relatable. I especially related to Cali and I really liked how Katrina Jackson portrayed Cali’s relationship with her therapist and the importance of therapy in her life.

I would really recommend this novel for anyone who likes erotic romance and polyamorous romance.

It’s currently available for 99p on amazon and available on Kindle Unlimited.


room for three

Cleveland Rocks Romance Competition: First Place, Paranormal Romance


Earlier this year I started entering various competitions for unpublished novels through the Romance Writers of America. Many of the chapters have competitions where you can enter part of your novel (usually your first chapter). The first round is judged by members of the RWA and then if you are a finalist your novel is then judged by industry professionals, which is of course a great opportunity.

I started entering the competitions after volunteering to judge one. As I was writing feedback for the entries I was judging, I realised that it would be really helpful to me to have feedback on my first chapter too. I have a great critique partner but I think it’s useful to get as much feedback as possible. I’ve entered quite a few of the competitions now. The quality of the feedback has been variable but overall it has been totally worth the entry fees. Each competition I entered gave me something to work with and each time I would go through the first chapter and make edits based on the feedback I got. Like with any feedback, some I took on board and others I considered but ultimately didn’t use. One thing I found was quite consistent was that judges didn’t understand how things are in the UK (which is understandable as it is the Romance Writers of America). For example I got a lot of comments regarding why my characters didn’t have guns. Obviously that’s something that I wouldn’t change in my novels because it’s set in the UK. I’m not saying there will never be a gun in my books but it doesn’t fit with the setting that all characters would have guns or that they would be issued as standard (especially in a world where guns do not kill everything, but that doesn’t come in until chapter three or four).

I never expected that my novel would actually win one of the competitions. Having judged some myself, I know that the standards are high and I was really just in it for the feedback so that I could improve my novel. Obviously it must have worked because I found out yesterday that Deadly Dreams won first place in the Paranormal Romance Cateogry in the North East Ohio Romance Writers of America’s Cleveland Rocks Romance Competition.

Thank you NEORWA. Thank you to all the judges (first round and final round) for rating it highly. And thank you especially to all the judges who have given me such useful feedback on Deadly Dreams in all of the competitions that I have entered.