No Room At The Inn: Out 18 December 2019


As Christmas is my favourite holiday I had to write something to celebrate!

No Room At The Inn is a kinky erotic Christmas romance novella and the first book in my new series, The Hotel. The series is based in an erotic hotel called the Hotel Aletheia. This book takes place the week before Christmas. Emma, an autistic submissive lesbian, and Sylvia, a bisexual domme, are stranded at the hotel and there’s only one room available.

This novella contains very explicit sex scenes between two women.

You can buy it here:

Content Warnings (including spoilers):

No Room At The Inn is an erotic romance novel and contains explicit sex and kinky sex scenes. This includes:

-Dominance and submission


-Foot worship

-Voyeurism and exhibitionism


-Fantasies about group sex



The point of view character in this novel is Catholic.


There is a flood and one of the characters get caught in it (this is not described in detail).


One of the characters has a panic attack.


There is mention of a car crash.


If you have any specific triggers that you would like to ask me about, please tweet me @BrookeWinters33



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