Advance Reader Copies of Bound to the Monarchs

My first novel, Bound to the Monarchs, will be released in November 2019 and I am looking for bloggers, vloggers, bookstagrammers, and anyone else who reviews book to send ARCs to. Content warnings are listed at the end of this post and include spoilers.

Bound to the Monarchs is a pansexual polyamorous fantasy romance novel featuring a disabled heroine.


Millennia ago, the people of Lencura were split into designations dependent on their abilities. Vitoria is a solviso. Others consider them the weakest of the designations but Vitoria knows she’s stronger than people think. Sure, she can’t fly, shift, or conjure magic but her blood has healing properties that the other designations covet and she knows she can use that to her advantage. She’s aware of the dangers that lurk outside of her region and that the other designations would do just about anything to possess her blood but when her father’s death leaves her homeless she’s willing to take the risk for the chance of a better life.

When Vitoria encounters marauders on her way to start a new life in the northern region of Malita, she’s forced to take a detour. Her van breaks down on the border of the shifter lands and she follows her instinct, venturing into the forbidden shifter territory. Better to take her chances with shifters than marauders. Vitoria is placed under the protection of Queen Mathilda and her mate, King Antonio. Mathilda and Antonio’s dominance awakens a passion in Vitoria that she never knew she possessed and she wonders if she might be the third mate they’ve been looking for.

When a dignitary from a neighbouring monarchdom kidnaps Vitoria and offers her anything she could ever want in return for her blood, she realises the only thing she wants is to be Mathilda and Antonio’s. Her monarchs will do anything to get her back but Vitoria isn’t sure what they really want: her or her blood.


If you would like an ARC please fill out the following form:

Bound to the Monarchs ARC request.

If you have any accessibility requirements please let me know and I will try to accommodate you. (There’s a section in the form “anything else you think I should know.”)

If you are not selected to receive an ARC and you do not sign up for future emails, your details will be deleted. Your information will never be shared with other people and you will only be contacted for the stated purpose.

CONTENT WARNINGS (includes spoilers)

This book contains very explicit sex scenes between two women and a man. This includes bondage, D/s, discipline, spanking, and anal play. This novel depicts discipline outside of sex and as part of a D/s lifestyle.

There is some violence in this novel, including ableist violence.

Within this book characters eat, talk about food and drink alcohol.

There is homelessness, references to a past war, kidnapping, and a character held against her will (by the villain).




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