WriteDis Questions

  1. Introduce yourself! What’s your name? Are you disabled? What do you write?
  2. What are you working on at the moment? Does it have disabled characters?
  3. How long have you been writing for? What point are you at in your career? (Published, querying, still working on your first WIP?)
  4. Do your impairments make writing more difficult?
  5. Do you write/have you written disabled characters? Why or why not?
  6. Do you think disabled characters are more difficult to write?
  7. What do you do to make sure that your representation isn’t harmful?
  8. Disabled people-What do you want abled people to know before they write a disabled character? Abled people-any questions for disabled people?
  9. Is there anything in regard to disability that you think should never be written?
  10. How do you research impairments you don’t have? Any good resources?
  11. What disabilities would you like to see more representation of?
  12. Do you use any tools for writing that disabled (and abled) writers might benefit from?
  13. Are you a member of any writing groups? Are they accessible? Share good and bad experiences so that we can all learn how to make our events more accessible.
  14. Have you attended writing conferences? What made them accessible/inaccessible?
  15. Do you think the online writing community is inclusive of disabled people? What can we do to make it more accessible?
  16. As a disabled writing community what can we do to be more intersectional? 
  17. Tell us about one of your disabled characters.
  18. Share a line from your WIP about disability
  19. Where do you write? How often do you write?
  20. Do you think the publishing industry is accessible to disabled writers? Is there anything you’ve struggled with because of your disability?
  21. What do you think agents and publishes can do to make the industry more inclusive of disabled people?
  22. What can we do to support disabled writers?
  23. Have you published anything with a disabled character? If not, any recommendations of books with good rep? Share links!
  24. Tell us about one of your disabled characters.
  25. Have you made any mistake when writing disability? What did you learn from them?
  26. Are there any disabled characters that you think are particularly under represented in fiction?
  27. What can non-disabled writers do to be good allies to disabled writers? What can disabled writers do to be better allies to disabled writers who have other marginalised identities too?
  28. How can we make our books more accessible to disabled readers?
  29. If someone has written/published harmful representation of disabled characters, what can they do to make amends?
  30. Share something positive about writing and disability- a positive experience in the writing community or industry, a book with great rep, an inclusive writing event.
  31. Have you learned anything from WriteDis that you want to share?

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