No Room At The Inn


No Room At The Inn is the first book in Brooke Winter’s series, The Hotel.  This series takes place in the Hotel Aletheia, an erotic hotel where guests can indulge all their erotic fantasies. All books in the series can be read as standalone novels.


Two women. One bed. And a night that changes everything.

It’s the week before Christmas and Emma and Sylvia are stranded at the remote hotel where they work. There’s only one bed and one room available.

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Content warnings (includes spoilers)

No Room At The Inn is an erotic romance novel and contains explicit sex and kinky sex scenes. This includes:

-Dominance and submission


-Foot worship

-Voyeurism and exhibitionism


-Fantasies about group sex


The point of view character in this novel is Catholic.

There is a flood and one of the characters get caught in it (this is not described in detail).

One of the characters has a panic attack.

There is mention of a car crash.

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